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Frequently Asked Questions

What is E20.?

E20. is a standalone digital business bank specially designed for entrepreneurs and SME businesses. E20. helps customers experience streamlined, modern finance by easily opening a bank account in minutes, generating invoices, tracking receivables, and more, all through a mobile app.

What does 'by Emirates NBD' mean?

E20. is a business vertical of Emirates NBD and uses Emirates NBD's banking license. It is subject to Emirates NBD’s financial reporting process, governance and regulatory framework.

How is E20. different from a traditional bank?

E20. is a fully digital business bank that makes banking quick, easy, affordable and paperless. Unlike traditional banks, it does not have any branches or ATMs.

What do I get when I open an E20. account?

E20. offers one standard package with rich banking features which include:

  • No average minimum balance requirements
  • No minimum balance fee
  • A free Debit Card
  • Your first cheque book for free
  • Local transfers
  • Unlimited invoices
  • Unlimited receipts
  • Unlimited transaction categorization
  • Expense management
What are the services available on E20.?

Here is the list of services we offer:

  • You can open a business bank account through the app in minutes
  • You can send and receive money
  • You can create and send invoices
  • You can manage your expenses
  • You can view and categorize your transactions
  • You can view your statement on the app
How can I get in touch with E20.?

When you need us, wherever you need us, we’re there. The best way to contact us is by calling 600-503320 or sending us an email on

Is E20. secure?

Yes. We take your privacy seriously – ensuring that your money is safe is one of our core values.

E20. technology includes several layers of security and encryption that ensures secure banking transactions. Additionally, we will ask you to enter your E20. PIN or verify your identity with biometrics to confirm it is you requesting the change or transaction.

You also have complete control over your card so you can freeze and unfreeze it directly from the E20. app. If you were to lose your phone, our team will help to make sure your account is secure.

What languages does E20. support?

Currently, E20. supports English only.

Account Opening Process
What do I need to open an E20. account?

Opening an E20. account will only take you a few minutes. You'll need to have the below on hand:

  • Your original Emirates ID
  • Your original passport
  • Your Trade License
  • Your written signature
  • Details of your top 5 clients and suppliers

If you have a multi-director company, you'll also need:

  • Memorandum of Association (MOA)
  • Board Resolution (BR)
  • Copy of your partner(s) Emirates ID
If I'm a new company and don’t have details of my top 5 clients and suppliers, will the app allow me to open an account?

Yes. You may provide the details for as many as you currently have, even if they're less than 5.

Who can open an E20. account?

At this moment, only the below legal types of businesses registered with Dubai Economy can open an E20. account:

  • Sole Proprietorship
  • One Person Company
  • Civil Company
  • Limited Liability Company
  • Simple Limited Partnership
  • Partnership Company
  • Intelaq
  • SME Licence
  • DED Trader
  • Instant Licence

As we're pretty new, we are still working on the onboarding journey to include Free Zones as well.

Can I open an account if I have an E-Trader Licence?

E20Yes, an E-Trader/DED Trader licence is eligible to open an E20. account.

Am I eligible to open an account if I have a POA in the company?

No.  Only one shareholding partner with the authority to open and operate bank accounts can open an E20. account.

Can I open different E20. accounts for my multiple businesses using the same email and mobile number?

E20. accounts are created using unique Trade License Numbers. However in Bera, you can open an account using one mobile number registered on one device, one unique email ID,  a single company and its respective trade license.

How do I open an E20. account?

It's really easy! Just download the E20. app, sign up in a few minutes and you're done.

What version of Iphone and iOS do I need to open an account?

You'll need to have an Iphone 6 (and above) with iOS version 12 (and above).

Is the E20. app compatible with an iPad?

No, it’s a mobile-only app.

If I have a business account with Emirates NBD can I open an E20. account for another business using the same mobile number?

Yes you can, as long as it is a different business than the one registered with Emirates NBD.

If I have an account open with another bank, can I still open an E20. account?

Yes, you can!

How long does it take to open an E20. account?

Applying for an account from the app only takes minutes. After we receive your account number, it will take us 2-4 working days to verify your account so you can start transacting.

How much do I need to pay to open an account?

Opening an account is completely free!

Can more that one user sign in to the account at once?

No, only one user can sign in to the account at once.

Can I create more than one E20. account?

You can open one account per legal entity, so it is not possible to open several E20. accounts for the same company.

The number of legal entities you can open accounts for is not limited though.

Can I create an account in a different currency than AED?

No, however we are working on introducing foreign currency accounts soon.

Do I have to be a UAE resident to open an account?

Yes, you currently need to be a resident in the UAE to open an E20. account.

When will my card/welcome pack be delivered?

Once you open your account, your card should arrive between 2-4 working days.

Which payment gateways does E20. use?

For Cards, it uses Network International. For Local Payments, it uses UAE FTS. For International Payments, it uses SWIFT.

Is there any fee to account closure?

Nope, it's completely free. You can close your account at any time, although we wouldn’t want to see you go!

Account Details
Are there limits on my balance?

No, there are no limits on your balance.

Does the account offer any interest?

No, we don't offer any interest on your account balance.

Are there any minimum balance requirements for my account?

Not at all! We won't charge you any minimum balance or subscription fee.

Are there any financial transaction fees?

Yes, you will be charged a standard fee of AED10.00 per financial transaction.

Are there any non-financial transaction fees?

Yes, specific non-financial transactions such as requesting letters and physical statements will be charged. The schedule of charges will soon be available on the E20. website.

Can I use my card internationally?

Yes, you can.

Are there limits on my transactions?

Yes, there are daily limits on some transactions, such as:

  • Outgoing bank transfers: AED 1 million
  • Cash deposits at Emirates NBD cash deposit machines: AED 500,000
  • Cash withdrawals at Emirates NBD ATMs: AED 100,000
  • Debit Card transactions: AED 250,000
Can I deposit cheques?

Yes you can, through Emirates NBD and Emirates Islamic cash deposit machines only.

Will I get a cheque book?

Yes, a complimentary 25-leaf cheque book will be delivered along with your Debit Card once you open your account.

Banking Features
Which operating systems can I use?

We're currently available on iOS only.

Can I make contactless (NFC) payments using my card?

Yes, your debit card is equipped with contactless payments.

Can I make an international transfer?

You can only make local transfers for now, however we are working on adding international payments soon.

Can I pay my employees’ salaries through WPS?

Currently, this service is not available. However, we are working on including it in our next release.

Can I set a daily transaction limit?

Currently, it is not possible to set daily transaction limits. However, in the future, you will be able to set it by card and account.

How do I?
How do I request for an authorized bank statement?

For now, you can only view it online. We are working on making this available for you soon.

How do I withdraw cash from my account?

You can withdraw cash out from any Emirates NBD and Emirates Islamic ATM for free. E20. charges a little fee of AED2.00 for withdrawals using other ATMS in the UAE.

How do I close my account?

You can close your account at any time. Just send us an email to and our team will help you.

How do I activate my card?

Once you receive your card, you will be able to activate it throught the E20. app.

How do I change my username?

Your e-mail ID is your username, so you cannot change your username.

How do I change my password/PIN?

You can change your PIN or password yourself through the E20. app. Just go to Profile & Settings, and then select "Security". If you have any problems, just reach out to us by calling us on 600-503320.

How do I deposit cash into my account?

You can deposit cash through any Emirates NBD cash deposit machine.

How do I collect a returned cheque?

We will mail it to you for a small fee.

How do I make a payment on the app?

It’s simple! Just create a beneficiary and make a direct transfer or add their invoice into the app and pay the expense once it's due.

How do I transfer money?

It’s simple! Just create a beneficiary and make a direct transfer or add their invoice into the app and pay the expense once it's due.

How do I freeze/unfreeze my card?

You can freeze and unfreeze your debit card instantly, directly through your E20. app.

What should I do if a bank transfer I'm expecting hasn't arrived?

Check with the sender to make sure that the payment is not on hold at their bank and that they have entered your account details correctly.

In some cases, we also have to do our due diligence before processing payments, so some transfers may take up to 3 working days to show in your account.

I lost my card, what should I do?

Don't worry, you can easily freeze your card through the E20. app. Simply open the Account screen, click on Card Settings, and select 'Freeze card'.  If you happen to find your card, select ‘Unfreeze’ and you’ll be able to use it again.

If you're sure that your card is lost or stolen, let us know straight away us by calling us on 600-503320.

Why isn't my recent transaction appearing on the app?

Try refreshing the app – this will help to make sure you're looking at the most up to date page. All transactions should show up in your account immediately. However, sometimes there may be a short delay. Please check back in a few hours after the time you made a transaction.

If you still can't see the transaction, contact us for help.

Is there a charge to freeze/unfreeze my card?

No it is free of charge.

What should I do if I haven't received my card yet?

Let us know by calling us on 600-503320.

Some of my payments are tagged wrongly, can I change that?

Yes, easily! Just click on the icon next to the payment and change the category.

Some of my payments are tagged wrongly, can I change that?

Yes, easily! Just click on the icon next to the payment and change the category.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

Go to the login page and select "Forgot password".

I forgot my username. What should I do?

Your username is your email ID. If you have forgotten it, contact us for help.